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So I started watching Free…




being obsessed with a character from a very small and obscure fandom


being obsessed with a minor character from a very small and obscure fandom


naegi escaping from his execution image

Fem! Canada and Fem!France about to start the Nyotalia panel at Kahotic Kon!

#hetalia #aph #Canada #fem!canada #Nyotalia #KhaoticKon
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Buy The Walking Dead Merchandise:

I love that The Walking Dead has given me the right to be skeptic of Garretts for the rest of my life.
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Canada’s not suicidal.

France is not a rapist.

England loves McDonald’s.

Italy is not a sex fiend.

Prussia’s secretly a dork.

Russia’s not a soulless demon.

Belarus isn’t a psycho killer.

America doesn’t hate England.

Germany does not hate Italy.

China’s not a woman.

Spain’s not a pedophile.

Switzerland is not obsessed with cheese.

Welcome to your doom!

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Also what I hear when my professors talk.

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"Can we stay there till dawn!?"



Revi getting all excited like a little kid because Dutch says he’s taking them all out to a bar for the night.

I feel like Revi just might be my spirit animal

It’s Revy. It’s a carry over from the Japanese pronunciation of “Rebecca” which is her real name.

Um okay? Sorry…


You don’t know how depressed I get when I think about how my love life is literally nonexistent.

I am sitting here feeling the same way.


Get wrecked.

Edward Elric calling himself small and then getting upset at himself for saying it.